Ditch Coffee, Get Refreshed!

promo_StarbucksRefreshers_f170x170Starbucks, the most ingenious coffee maker in the world, has decided to reinvent itself and created a line of Starbucks Refreshers with Caffeine Content. To put it simply, they came up with a brand new set of refreshments based on green coffee extract, the ingredient that has revolutionized the entire coffee world.Green coffee is, in fact, the coffee we have all been used to, only unroasted. It is the raw coffee, which hasn’t been through any kind of processing. The green coffee extract is, obviously, green coffee in its purest forms. Since it contains caffeine in high levels, Starbucks didn’t miss the chance to promote and transform this new element into energizing beverages, this time served cold. This hot summer is killing us all, so we should thank them for helping us sweat more. At LashFabulous! we just have to head 3 doors down to our local West Vancouver Starbucks and enjoy the caffinated refreshment!