Red Cherry & Lotus Mink strip lashes

images_f170x170 (2)LashFabulous! is excited to now offer a variety of different strip lashes! Professional-quality Red Cherry or Lotus Mink false eyelashes that are carefully set on a thin band, making them quick and easy to apply. Lightweight and comfortable, they can be worn all day and reused multiple times if properly cared for. The collection contains a versatile range of styles, from light and natural to full and intense, meaning you can match your lashes to the occasion. Your Lashfabulous! Strip lashes can be subtle for everyday use, flirtatious for a date night, dramatic for a special occasion or bold for maximum impact – the choice is yours. They are the ultimate finishing touch and are guaranteed to turn heads for all the right reasons. Let one of our experienced makeup artists apply the strip lashes for you. Call 604-922-5274 to make an appointment.