Questions to Ask BEFORE Getting Extensions

2016-03-03_09_29_45_f170x170First Question - Are you a certified technician, and by what company? In British Columbia you are NOT required to be trained or certified to be an Eyelash Technician! Ladies, always make sure your Technician is fully trained and certified, otherwise the result can be eye infections, damage to your natural lashes and damage to your eye. Here at LashFabulous! all of our technicians are professionally trained by Misencil and they all have their Advanced Certification.

Second Question - What brand/Country do your products come from? This will help you identify the quality of products.  LashFabulous! uses the Misencil adhesive which is the best the industry has to offer and it’s all made here in Canada!

Lastly - Establish a look that would best suit your eyes with your technician.  Everyone’s eyes are different so everyone’s application and lash selection will cater to their specific eye shape. Lash extensions come in different lengths, curls and thickness so there are endless possibilities! Talk with your technician and decide what would best suit your eyes and what would make you look Fabulous!